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A National Leader in Microbiology Laboratory Testing

Microbiology Laboratory Testing by the Microbiology Laboratory Testing Division at EMSL Analytical is the Nation’s Leading Microbiology Testing Laboratory. 

For nearly 40 years, EMSL has lead the industry in providing a huge array of laboratory testing services to industry professionals and private users who need fast, reliable, professional laboratory results they can count on.

Our microbiology laboratory services include:

Microbiology laboratory testing can be a wide range of different tests that are used to help identify types of microorganisms or microbes as well as what type of biological function that microbe is capable of performing. Microbiology tests can include: gram staining, triple sugar iron testing, and infection prevention tests such as sterilization, disinfection, and antiseptic effectiveness.

Microbiology laboratory testing conducted by a microbiologist increases the understanding of microorganisms to help develop new medications that improves human health and advances research associated with protecting crops, food, water, and the environment.

Our nationwide laboratory testing network provides unmatched capacity, and our commitment to customer service is second to none in the industry. Today we are the most uniquely diversified independent contract testing laboratory network in the world. Thousands of customers turn to us again and again for our dedication in providing fast, consistent results in an easy-to-understand format while offering the best value of any testing laboratory in the country.

Our microbiology labs offer a wide array of analytical testing services to support the following industries or fields: pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, consumer products, disinfectants, antimicrobial products and device development, food safety and quality, biofouling, water quality, pathogen outbreaks, environmental investigations, and indoor air quality. We provide all of the routine testing services as well as more advanced or special custom projects.

Our unmatched capacity coupled with a company-wide focus on customer satisfaction makes no project too large or too small.

Microbiology Lab Testing Services

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Air Testing

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Personal Care Testing


Pharmaceutical &
Medical Device Testing

Antimicrobial &
Disinfectant Testing

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