Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Testing

The following testing services are provided by EMSL.

  • Microbial Limit Test USP 61 Pharmaceutical Industry Testing
  • AET- Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing USP 51 Or Preservative Effectiveness Testing Pharmaceutical Industry Testing
  • Sterility Test USP71 Pharmaceutical Industry Testing
  • Direct Inoculation Pharmaceutical Testing
  • Direct Immersion Pharmaceutical Test
  • Membrane Filtration Pharmaceutical Testing
  • Steritest Pharmaceutical Industry Testing
  • Bioburden Test Pharmaceutical Industry Testing
  • LAL Bacterial Endotoxin Test Pharmaceutical Testing
  • MIC/MBC Pharmaceutical Testing Lab
  • Microbial Identification for Aerobes, anaerobes, yeast, fungi, Mycobacteria, Actinomyces
  • USP 797 environmental samples analysis and identification services

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